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Compare The Best Riverside Property Managers and Hire Smarter.

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Single Family Homes

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Condo Units

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Duplex, Fourplex, etc

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Property Management Riverside

Professional results for your Rental needs.
Rent Collecting

Sick of chasing tenants for rent every month? Managers have online portals making it easy for tenants to make payments online.

rental property maintenance
property marketing in California
Property Marketing 

Aggressive rental advertising on popular rental listing sites ensures your home gets exposure. Managers show your home to all interested applicants.

property inspections in CA
tenant screenings
Tenant Screening

Bad tenants can cause endless headaches for property owners. Managers have an in-depth screening process to keep bad tenants at-bay.

California tenant evictions

No more long weekends spent resolving problems in your rental home. Managers take care of maintenance requests & send vendors to get the work done.

State-of-the-art technology allows for documentation of your home condition. They can schedule frequent inspections to keep tabs on your unit.

Kicking a bad tenant out in California is an unpleasant process. With a team at your side, you'll never go it alone. They handle evictions and work to find a new renter.

 rent collection in CA

Comparing Riverside Property Managers Quotes

Property management companies in Riverside County know that owning a residential rental property comes with its own set of unique situation and circumstances. Most companies have been in this business for years and they have already seen some nasty situations, meaning, they are equipped to deal with conflicts and situations that you yourself maybe wouldn't be capable of. In California, property management companies are also required to be properly licensed.

By comparing multiple Riverside management companies, you will be able to find a great price. More importantly, you will be able to speak with companies about your specific needs and desires that you have for your situation/property. This will allow you to find the perfect fit for your goals, communication needs, and property needs.

Modern companies will have access to expensive state-of-the-art software and systems which allows them to provide the highest level of service at an affordable cost to you, reliably.

Riverside Rental Property
Rental Property

With so many managers to choose from, it can seem overwhelming to narrow down the list.. Noting the differences between these respective property management companies will help you determine what you need and what you’re looking for. After requesting free quotes right here on the site, you can compare companies by asking about the following topics:


Not all Riverside managers offer the same types of services. Some may provide more help than others, or service a specific type of property. It’s a good idea to view reviews for the property manager and ask them extensive questions in an interview.


Property managers charge different rates for different things. Property management companies that are suspiciously affordable will USUALLY have other tactics for emptying your pocketbook - and may end up costing significantly more than a company who appears to be expensive. Be wary of sneaky wording and unnecessary fees — you can quickly get caught in an expensive trap.


Different Riverside County managers will handle certain situations differently. They may also use different kinds of software and administrative systems. Their priorities may be in different order and their areas of expertise may vary. Get quotes from multiple companies so you can do your research beforehand.


The contract you will sign with a property manager in Riverside is extremely important. Every property manager will have their own unique contract underlining specific duties/responsibilities setting certain expectations for each party. Discuss this with the property manager and thoroughly read all of the fine print. Consult your attorney if you feel necessary.

Narrowing Your Choices

Finding a property manager is the easy part. No matter where you are, just a few clicks on our site will take you where you need to go. We have many resources you need to obtain a list of over a dozen different companies. After browsing company info, get quotes from 3-4 of your favorite companies. Its simple, and you can do it all without leaving the site.
In Person Interview

Having a sit down convo with a contender would be super helpful. Take notes on what you speak about and what the individual’s replies are. Later, you can compare responses from different conversations and figure out who excels. Make sure to have a set of questions to ask them beforehand (after requesting a quote from a company on our site you can download our free template with 20 questions). You should ask them specific questions about their skills and services and managing style. It’s also important that they appear to be engaged and interested in earning your business. If the company is not hungry for you, and rather seems disinterested, keep on looking.

Extra References

You can ask the property manager to show you the products/references of their work in the past. It’s also important to note the quality of "for rent" advertisements they put out. You want to see exactly what they are going to be capable of when it comes to your property. Reaching out to some of the tenants renting properties managed by the company is a good idea too.


Why Bother With All This?


While this might seem like a ton of work, it will be more than worth it for you in the long run. You don’t want to be one of the angry people ranting on Facebook or Twitter about a property management utah company. So, learn from those angry people instead. You want to be one of the happy rental owners who gets to boast about how great their property management company is! Learn from the mistakes of those who went with a bad company, and emulate the success of those who are highly satisfied with their company.


Ask a lot of questions when you meet with each property management company. You want to know if they’ll lose your temper with you or if they seem shady before you’ve committed to working with them for a long period of time.


Critique the work they’ve done for others before others critique the work representing you. A sloppy ad can say a lot about your unit to prospective tenants. Sloppy work on an ad means sloppy work when they need a repair done, which translates to them finding another place to live (lost profit for you).


The work that the property management company does is directly correlated with the amount of money that you make. Happy tenants mean more profit for you. Great ads mean your unit will not be empty for long. An occupied unit can only make you more money. Your property management company will be representing you. Find the one that will represent you right.

Extra Resources

(because property management is intense)

The rental property management industry is about as difficult as it gets. You've got to please owners, take care of all your tenants wants and wishes, as well as run a business and turn a profit each month! After a few years of being in the business, this can get difficult to keep up.

This is one of the main reasons you should look at some extra resources into your property management company options.  This is a good indicator of long term service and an increased likely hood that this property manager will do a good job for you with your rentals.

Now this one is a little bit similar to the google reviews, but Yelp has been known to be a much tougher critic on property management companies, so take it with a grain of salt if you read something that sounds dramatic or over the top from a tenant. Yelp (for some reason) attracts a majority of the angry tenant reviews as far as we have seen during our time working with property management companies. It is still possible to find clean profiles though.


If you check out both Yelp and Google reviews, you will be sure to narrow down that list and choose a top notch property management company to take care of your rental.

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